Monday, August 11, 2008

NFJS 2008 - Princeton NJ Day 2

Agile Test Driven Development With Groovy (Jeff Brown)
I confess that I did not really like Groovy before coming to this conference. I like Ruby's syntax better and Groovy reminded me too much of JavaScript. However this talk made me once again appreciate dynamic languages and how they are easier to test with than compiler checked statically typed languages.

Another interesting thing about this talk was learning how to use Groovy to test my Java code. Pretty cool.

Caring about your Code Quality (Venkat Subramaniam)
This talk was pretty much an affirmation for me. If you write crap code. You will get crap code.

The Java Memory Model (Brian Goetz)
HOLY COW! I am the worst multi-threaded Java programmer ever. This is an awesome talk and you must attend it!

Software Development Risk Management (Mark Johnson)
I was hoping this would have been more hands on. This is not a technical talk.

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