Friday, August 8, 2008

NFJS 2008 - Princeton NJ Day 1

Just wrapped up my first day at NFJS in Princeton. I attended a few talks, which I liked for the most part.

Give it a REST (Brian Sletten)
I resisted REST for a long time but Jason and Dan got me to embrace the concepts. This talk helped me put a nail in my SOAP/WSDL coffin. If you are not familiar with REST I recommend attending this talk.

Evolutionary SOA (Neil Ford)
Its clear that Jim Webber and Neil dislike using ESB tools. This talk has entertaining slides but I think a combination of Neil seeming tired and a low energy audience made for less interesting experience.

Know your Java? (Venkat Subramaniam)
This was a lot of fun. Venkat is a really engaging speaker and was generous enough to give Jason and I books! Thanks Venkat!

Keynote (Neil Ford)
This talk was given by the Neil we know and love. He demonstrated how the teachings of philosophers like Galileo and Plato apply to today's software development projects. Lots of the content was an introduction to agile software development but given the audience, I think that it was appropriate to elaborate on it.

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