Thursday, November 22, 2012

2012 Retrospective

This past year has been quite a ride for me professionally; I've changed organizations three times and held titles like "Director" and "Associate VP" (thankfully I am just a "Software Engineer" now); I have been exposed to a variety of technologies that range from embedded software on mobile devices to "cloud" platforms; I've also had lots of opportunities to learn from industry experts like James ShoreDiana Larsen, and Eric Evans.

After I was introduced to Ruby almost 5 years ago, I thought that I would never willingly choose to write another Java program again. The reality is, however, that there are many companies out there who are heavily invested in the JVM and are not ready to adopt yet another set of technologies for their sysadmins to worry about. I joined a team working in Java that shares my passion for Extreme Programming and we have embraced these principles an practices inching our way into forming fully integrated team. After working in C# for a year I felt like I was taking a step backwards but I decided to make the best of my situation because of the opportunity to be in a great working environment. I installed IntelliJ on our workstations and wrote my first unit test and hit Ctrl+Shift+F10!

The new year bring with it lots of exciting opportunities for us. We are in the beginning stages of upgrading to Java 7 and more importantly fully embracing Ruby as our primary programming language thanks to Torquebox and JRuby. In the next few months, I will have a lot to share about our new projects as well as the experiences of our "neighbors" who were early adopters of JRuby and Riak.

Oh and if you're interested we are hiring!

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