Friday, December 12, 2008

Corey Haines insights - Tools Vs. Technique

Corey provides some awesome insights while on the road pair programming with great developers:


Anonymous said...

I think Corey Haines has hit the nail on the head:

1) Pick a line of work

2) Wake up one morning and call yourself a crasftman in that line of work

3) Don’t proceed quietly, honing your craft every day to the satisfaction of what you claim to truly be interested in, rather (see #3)

3) Begin travelling around and meeting with others who want to hear you pontificate. Once they have been in your presence, call them crafstmen too. (It gets better, see #4)

4) Pontificate to everyone by blogging about the pontificating you’ve done with the person you just crowned as craftsman.


The best thing is this… let’s start doing this in other areas of science/business/arts/technology.

Maybe for Doctors? Carpenters? Architects? Firemen? Astronauts?

Maybe people in all of these fields do not really need to contribute other than by travelling to other people’s houses, pontificating, then granting them the title of crafstman as well.

Awesome… I am healed and enlightened by Corey Haines.

Anonymous said...

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