Friday, November 7, 2008

RubyConf 2008 Day 2 - Rameze

These are my raw unedited notes:

Luc Castera
His presentation is pretty amusing
He believes that Ramaze is one of the underrated ruby web frameworks
It is modular
There is only one dependency... Rack
Template agnostic
From his perspective the source is Beautiful Code
Bacon BDD - It looks interesting

How is this different from rails?
Action methods accept parameters
def add(first, second)
Supports regex and lambda routing
It integrates easily with jquery

Something that annoys me, Ariel not Luc, about these web frameworks is all of the scriptlets in the view. link_to for example makes it hard to read.
I, Ariel, don't know that this is better than rails. It seems almost like there is more room to make mistakes.

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