Sunday, November 16, 2008

Death to Agile - Rebuttal

Uncle Bob posted a rebuttal to Shores post.
Some have implied that if all those scrum teams had adopted XP instead of scrum, they wouldn’t be having all the technical debt they are seeing. BALDERDASH!... Let me be more precise. ASININE, INANE, ABSURDITY. BALONEY. DINGOES KIDNEYS.
I do not think that Jim alluded to that at all but OK. I have been on too many teams that are composed of the wrong people, the wrong talent, the wrong leadership, in the wrong place, at the wrong time. The teams that gave birth to many of the agile practices where composed of all-stars! Think about the first XP team on the C3 project, wouldn't you be successful with these guys on your team: Beck, Fowler, Cunningham, Jefferies, Hendrickson?
If I read the next part correctly he believes its your job to do a good job...
But it is neither the purpose of scrum nor of CSMs to make engineers out of us, or to instill the disciplines of craftsmanship within us. That’s our job!... Oh, yeah, and stop blaming everything (and everybody) else for your own laziness.
As you can tell I agree with Uncle Bobs position on individual responsibility however the fact of the matter is perception is a reality.
The industry, like a mob, is not rational or scientific; it often blindly follows trends; it believes and accepts fallacies as truth; and it subscribes to leadership of the "strongest" of the group. From the mobs perspective, failing at agile (a.k.a Scrum) means failing at agile (Scrum, XP, Crystal, et al.). That's the a terrible reality and Jim is afraid that we are in trouble as a result.
As I stated in my earlier post I say f**k it. Just let people fail there is nothing wrong with that. Let them think that agile sucks because what they are practicing right now actually does.

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